الأربعاء، فبراير ٠٧، ٢٠٠٧

This morning!

This Morning

One morning.. one very early morning.. I woke up, very demotivated to get off bed. “I hate early classes. Why on earth have I accepted this course?! I promised myself not to work early anymore!!” I went through my daily routine of getting ready, got into my car, and started the usual daily journey. The bitter cold is awful. I can’t even open the window for some fresh air. I decided not to take off my coat, I don’t feel comfortable driving with heavy clothes, but what can I do?! I put on sun-glasses to protect my eyes from the fainting sun rays.
Along the journey, I kept thinking about the new classroom activities that I’ll conduct during that day. Something that makes me so eager to create new ideas is the excitement and liveliness that shine from my students’ eyes while they are actively doing the tasks. They act, present, crack jokes, tell stories and angrily argue in English language; a miracle that is born and re-born everyday in class.
I kept thinking about the activities. I need something new, something exciting, something to enflame their creativity. I want them to step in a new area of linguistic risk-taking. I want a leap in their level today. I want something new. My God the currently taught unit is rich but I need new ideas. They are used to this, if I don’t step in class with new ideas I’ll have to bear this awful look of disappointment that shows up on their faces when I say it’s time to end the session.
I kept thinking and thinking. Yes, yes I got it. ‘In pairs, prepare a CV for one of you and the other should introduce and present his/her friend to the rest of the class (business people who might be interested in hiring your friend). I want new ideas guys.. new professions, strange ones, unique ones. Be creative, be innovative, no MDs, no engineers.’
‘My God! it’s getting hotter and hotter in here!’ Suddenly, I woke up from my thoughts to find my coat taken off, the car window open and my veil flying out of it, the warm rays of the sun reddening my cheeks and filling my bare eyes with light. I heard Dalida saying out loud “Paroles paroles paroles”. I smiled and thought ‘why is this melody – and the lyrics as well – gaining new meanings?! I mean, why do I have a new feeling about this song? This melody! This morning! This early morning!